site editor

How to use the editor to edit and add content


  • You will first receive a unique link to your email address that allows you to create a password yourself

  • To log in, go to edit

  • You will always find an arrow at the bottom right, which opens the login screen

  • Enter your email address and created password and voila!

Edit text

  • click on the text you want to edit and edit it right away on the site

  • As a text tool a link is, click on one of the icons below that appear at the top right of the text to be edited
Icons for editing text or link blocks
  • Changes made are neatly maintained, even when you log out and come back later. You can find all of this at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Click Publish to save all changes made to the live site

Formatting text

  • You can use text from markup provided, such as bold, headers, links, or quotes. The specific layout is unique for each text block.

  • Select the text you want to format, and choose the layout from the menu that appears.
Various possible formatting styles for text and link blocks
  • You can also have a add link and link it to: a URL, a page, an email address, or a phone number

    Click on the sprocket to add a link to a new window allow (tab) to open.

  • Click Publish and any changes made will be sent to the live site

Add media

  • In specific rich text blocks you can add images, among other things.

  • click on the rich text block that you want to edit.

  • With the enter key, you start a new item and with that, the following button appears
Add a new element in a rich text block
  • click click this button and you can choose which item you want to add

Adding new content

  • If the site has so-called Collections, you can add new items to it. E.g. news, references, cases or portfolio items.

    Below, we use the News Releases collection as an example.

  • At the bottom of the screen, click Collections. and choose the collection you want

  • In the top right corner, click the green button with
    + New News Release

  • Add all content and click Create News Release to save the new item.


  • You can manage the titles and meta tags per page and thus make the website easier to find.

  • click at the bottom of the screen Pages

  • Go to the page you want to edit and click the button with Settings

  • You'll immediately see the examples that search engines will display. You can always get more information by clicking on the ? clicking symbols.
Depending on the collections available, the meta tags can also be generated dynamically. Get in touch for more information.

Other information

  • In rich text blocks, you use the enter-button to close the current section and add a new paragraph, image, or enumeration.

    With the combination shift + enter you stay in the current section but only go to a new rule.

  • By default, new items are prepared for publication (Staged for Publish). Click Publish to actually display a new item on the live site

  • When preparing a new item, you can use it as Concept Mark (Draft) so that it will not be published. Click Save Draft to save the concept. As soon as you uncheck Draft, the Staged for Publish status appears again, and if the site is published afterwards, the item will be visible live.
  • You can have a watch preview of an unpublished (or draft) item in the site with layout. Click on the icon with the note and arrow to view the new item in the website.

Still have questions?

Many answers to frequently asked questions can be found via Help & Support. It can be found at the bottom of the menu and is identified by the lifebuoy.

Use our live chat, at the bottom right of the screen, to ask your questions directly.

Fortunately, that's also possible if you prefer to email or call the old-fashioned way.